Teen Vogue & Parsons School of Design: Fashion Course Introduction

I’m soooooo happy to share with you guys my experience studying fashion for the very first time in my life (literally jumping up and down)!! I just hope I can actually complete the courses and assignments on time to have something to talk about LOL.

Teen Vogue has teamed up with Parsons School of Design at The New School to create a 12 week online fashion course called “Fashion Industry Essentials”. This is great news for a whole lot of people especially those, like me, who want to pursue a degree/career in fashion and would love to take a peak into its glamorous world from the very best in the field.  The fact that this is an online course adds to its awesomeness for I can take it at my own pace and be able to keep up with my Etsy store events, other courses I’m taking and the usual busy busy life.

The course content looks as follows:

Course 1: Unlocking Visual Style.

Course 2: Thinking Like A Designer.

Course 3: Understanding Fashion Production.

Course 4: Working in Fashion Media.

Course 5: Developing Fashion Marketing & PR Skills.

To be honest, I have no idea what to expect from these courses, but I’m superrrr excited. I’m gonna be experiencing and sharing these courses with you as someone who wants to be a fashion designer. I’ll do my best to give you as many details as I possibly can so that you could formulate your own opinions of the certificate too. I really really hope that this certificate would be one of many concrete steps I’d be taking to achieve my dreams in fashion design.

Without further ado, Let’s learn, Let’s work, Let’s have some fun 😉




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