Teen Vogue & Parsons School of Design: Unlocking Visual Style… Part 4/5

And it’s another Monday πŸ™‚ Hope you lovelies enjoyed your weekend to the most πŸ˜‰ Yesterday, I was thinking that I wanted to write two more posts on visual style. This post is one of them, but I’m leaving the final post till next week to complete an assignment related to it (and yesss,,, I’m super late in finishing my assignments LOL).

Now that we’re introduced to visual style, what it means and how you can find yours in your everyday life routine and objects around you, today we’ll be discussing how to build and reflect your aesthetic. In most fashion related careers, the very first connections are usually made online. Generally, you should want to direct them to your main page where they can get a sense of who you are. Whether you only have an online presence or go to shows/events, you need to reflect a consistent personal brand in all outlets where you connect with viewers or customers.

At this instant, the channels through which I’m trying to display my style and personal brand are the following; my blog which you are currently reading (hahahaha), my Instagram & Facebook page that host my fashion design work, my snapchat which has behind the scene stories, a booth for an event I’m attending, and finally my Etsy store where I do custom illustrations, sell my own fashion illustrations as prints, planner dashboards, greeting cards and hopefully mugs soon (((((fingers crossed))))) πŸ™‚

I started by looking at the objects around me, the style that inspires me the most and wrote down a few keywords I’d like to always be associated with my personal brand. Among these are: Elegant, Happy, Dreamy, Feminine, Strong and Independent. I started with my store. I wanted it to display more clean lines so I switched my fashion illustrations’ display into framed prints rather than just a scanned images, and I was surprised at how much of a change it made!!!! I also changed my Etsy banner to include my most recent illustrations that best reflected my style.

After my store, I went to this blog and asked myself what I wanted to add in here that wasn’t already displayed in my other social media channels. I decided to expand on the concept of “Behind The Scenes” since these stories are always interesting and show the magic and effort behind getting a product from an idea to reality. This blog would represent my journey, my character, my passion, my inspiration and my products for the final products always have a piece of the artist’s soul. This process of building & reflecting my aesthetic keeps evolving with every new inspiration, new experience, new comments I get from my followers, new advice from industry experts and finally the most awesome feedback I get from my clients and you know what? I’m lovvvvvvvving it ❀

Hope you found this post helpful with building your own aesthetic and personal style πŸ™‚





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