Teen Vogue & Parsons School of Design: Thinking Like a Designer… Part 1/5

Did you catch my previous posts on #ParsonsxTeenVogue new fashion certificate? πŸ™‚ Let me know what you thought about them πŸ˜‰ The first course was all about visual style. How well can you interpret a trend? How do fashion insiders find their style and display their personal brand? This second course is gonna be where the real magic happens for me for it takes us into the design studio. Although I previously touched about the designer’s process from collecting inspiration items (photos, object, etc), creating a mood board, to designing a piece that is inspired from this mood board, this course will dive more into the heavenly details of the process, so let’s get started πŸ˜‰

As we all know, the world of fashion whether it’s Couture, Ready-To-Wear, or even Mass Market has evolved around two keywords: “seasons” and “collections”. A designer would traditionally create a collection for two seasons per year; Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. A collection was also categorized to fit within a certain activity. For example, you were expected to change outfits as you move from “work” to “play”. Today, many designers are starting to adopt the idea of a “season-less” collection to cope with our new lifestyle. A woman is now a working mother who wants an outfit that would serve her entire day duties from being at work in the morning to being at soccer practice maybe with kids or just wanting to hang out at night. This lifestyle gave a boost to ready-to-wear Β and mass-market over couture, as YSL expected decades ago. This shift/boost came with a whole package of challenges throughout the entire production cycle of a garment, which we’re gonna talk about in the coming posts πŸ˜‰

Although garments or clothing are usually the first thing that come to mind when people talk about fashion, accessories actually play an extremely important role in the fashion world. In fact, for most companies, they are the #1 profitable part of the business. When I first read about this, I was shocked too!!!! Hahahaha, but then it made sense. A lot of us as customers want to experiment with new pieces that are sometimes whimsical, and sometimes bold, crazy and fun. This is usually much easier to do in our choice for a bag, a belt, or a pair of earrings than an entire dress. These accessories are our little tiny pieces of freedom πŸ˜‰

In the next post, we’re going to see all factors that a designer thinks of when creating a collection. Hope this is fun for you guys as much as it’s for me πŸ™‚





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