Teen Vogue & Parsons School of Design: Thinking Like a Designer… Part 3/5

Hello again lovely people 🙂 In previous posts, we talked about inspiration, mood boards and how we can transform concepts into designs. Today, I’m gonna be talking about two awesome assignments I had in this course; one in this post and the second in another one 😉 Today’s post is going to be about “Painting on Fabric

Although I draw on paper using a variety of markers and sometimes watercolors, painting on any sort of fabric has always been a fear of mine. I couldn’t think of a simple way to transfer a sketch I plan out on paper or on iPad Pro to the fabric and make changes before I start painting, so I always avoided it although pictures of other illustrators doing it so awesomely on makeup bags, purses, and bags always intrigued me. Having, so wrongly, decided to wait until I’m in fashion school to start coloring fabric, I was soooooo excited that one of my assignments called “Collection Sample” challenged me to do it. In the sample video, the instructor used heavy canvas and silkscreen ink to make a simple striped canvas fabric. However, I thought if I’m going to create a pattern by painting on fabric, I’m gonna get some fabric paint and some brushes to do what I haven’t had the courage to do so far, PAINT ON FABRIC!! (yayyyy LOL).

First, since the assignment was to create a patterned printed fabric, I decided my pattern was going to be lipsticks. The colors I decided to buy were red, black, gold and white. I went to a local craft store, bought a piece of cotton fabric and some colors. I already had some brushes at home. I washed the fabric first to avoid shrinkage after painting. It was a bit wrinkled, so I put it in a hoop which also helped a bit with control. The remaining challenge for me was how I was going to draw a sketch as I always do before coloring. At this point I remembered that when I was in Paris studying at Lesage, more on that later ;), that we used pencils to sketch on silk organza when needed. So, I used a pencil to sketch the first line of lipsticks on the fabric. I wish I made someone take a photo of me to show you guys how happppy I was hahahah!!! After I finished sketching, I opened the colors and started coloring. A feeling of exhilaration ❤

Don’t be intimidated by anything you want to do, for 99% of the time, it’s much simpler in reality than you make it in your head 🙂



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