Teen Vogue & Parsons School of Design: Visual Merchandising

Bonjour wonderful people πŸ™‚ How’s your week going so far? Mine is filled with assignments and work and it’s one of those weeks where I just need some beach therapy!!! Anyway, moving from my beach dreams to the inside world of visual merchandising in retail shops πŸ™‚ Have you ever wondered why you instantly feel at ease and a sense of pleasure in certain shops more than others? The answer is in the story being told through visual merchandising techniques.

The image in this post belongs to a store here in Canada called Club Monaco. I love the ambiance of that store. Its story always feels like a romantic one to me, with corners that are there for me when I wanna pick a light, delicate outfit for a date night. An outfit that makes you feel like a modern princess with a cute smile on your face that would make your loved one’s heart melt with happiness. The pink, flowery colors in the summer, the folded tops with a dramatic neckline that are full of romance, to the simple yet statement piece accessories that would complement your look. Taking a closer look, you’ll find it’s not just about the outfits, but about the colors, the hanging dresses that you can see yourself flying like a butterfly if you were to wear one of them, to the sense of romance when you go through a folded top and unwrap its story, to the lights, and finally the breezy smell in the background of your shopping experience.

You’ll find other corners that talk to the working woman in you, yeah you know her lol!! The one who is always hustling, but she’s doing it in style. She’s doing her work with passion and elegance. She’s romantic even about her work for she loves being there πŸ˜‰ Last but not least, every time I visit I find something new which keeps me excited to visit the store every time I’m at the mall for they’re either adding new pieces, changing the layout or pairing their items together to form new amazing looks. This is a gem of a store and it’s certainly affordable luxury!

Now that you know about visual merchandising, what story would you tell with your store, booth or your next pop-up shop? πŸ™‚ I’m excited to see and know what you guys love!!!




2 thoughts on “Teen Vogue & Parsons School of Design: Visual Merchandising

  1. Thanks Dina! I actually loved the article…it brought my attention that there are really certain stores where I just love to go to without knowing why….i am actually now thinking that the smell of a store is a driving factor for me to remain in the store or just walk outside without even having a look on what’s inside and this happened to me once where i walked into a clothes shop and rushed out because of the smell :)…Generally I love perfume shops….Antique shops are my favorite because of the smell there, ambiance, the sense of authenticity and the overall atmosphere, sometimes you feel each piece has a story to tell you. Quite cozy that is how i feel there πŸ™‚

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  2. Yea I totally agree with this one, I also think that stores that take the time and effort to show their merchandise in a simple and clean way saves the customers a lot of time, instead of having to dig into piles and piles of cramped merchandise. The lighting they use on their products can also help guide you, and if done right make the whole experience more appealing. I totally agree with Dalia’s point of view too about the aroma of the place and the ambiance.


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