Life is a piece of art. Make it your masterpiece.


How many times have you slipped into a daydreaming mode only to find yourself or someone else telling you to wake up, grow up and live in the “reality” where the rest of “us” are?

How many times have you belonged to your dreams and felt connected with them much more than with anything or anyone else? The reason is because your dreams have magical powers. It’s not just that “in dreams you lose your heartache” or that “whatever you wish for is real” as Cinderella would say πŸ˜€ It’s because a dream’s power lies in the fact that it helps you express your ideas with confidence. You don’t doubt yourself in your dreams, you don’t fear anything or anyone. On the contrary, your dreams are your most vibrant, confident and truthful expression of yourself. This includes daydreaming too!

How To Daydream?

When you’re in a car or a train, slip into your daydreaming mode. Whether you’re dreaming of an entirely new reality that includes changing careers, countries, possibly a life with no drama, or simply wondering what toys to get for your kids, daydreaming helps! For example, if you’re imagining your dream house, try to make the picture as detailed as possible. Start by imaging the size of your house, its color, then maybe add a front lawn with flowers. What kind of flowers do you like? Would you have a driveway? One or two car garage? How many bedrooms? How many windows? Keep adding details as much as you possibly can until the place starts to feel real to you. Maybe you don’t have access to it yet, but it’s out there waiting for you. The more you breathe life into it, the closer it gets.

If you want to focus on a work assignment, think everything through while daydreaming. Collect all the data that is associated with the problem, assess it, consider all the factors that might affect your task and finally, “mentally ask for a solution” as the Disney Imagineers would say πŸ™‚ Your mind wants to help. Maybe it doesn’t actually give you an answer right away, but it never leaves you out there in the blue. There’s one more thing, the trickiest and hardest thing to do, LEAVE THE PROBLEM ALONE LOL!! Give your mind SPACE and TIME. Allow it to engage its problem solving skills without clobbering it with more of the same questions, information or uncertainty! Wait for a solution.

Do You Get Distracted Easily?

It’s ok if you went for a walk, thinking you were gonna daydream about something and find yourself totally lost to something else! Let your mind wander, set it free. Allow ideas to move freely in your imagination, for most of the times you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised by something that comes completely out of the blue πŸ™‚ You’ll understand yourself more, you’ll hear your inner voices more clearly, and you’ll feel more connected to your soul than ever before. Just DON’T FORGET to have a piece of paper or a phone to record your most brilliant, best-selling ideas when they suddenly take shape in your mind πŸ˜‰

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